International Monetary System

The purpose of the GFS project is to present how money might look like if global issues were made disclosed rather than concealed. The idea would be that, every continent could choose their own set of problems while the standard face, with the warning, would always be present. The topics I decided to bring up are those that mainly pertain to the western world, however, affect every person globally.

The animals I chose as universal representatives are the rat and the seagull because they are a product of nature existing in the man-made and its consequences. The watermark is a clock because time is always pertinent to how long we can continue living the way we do with the standards that have been imposed upon us.

The main contributors of these problems stem from extreme capitalist consumer culture that has taken over the world with MNC, TNC, and globalization in general, where the profit is valued higher than the well being of the individual. While the sources to these facts are linked through each title, WHO and IMF do not directly have anything to do with this project.

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