Kusin Mästerverk på Hyper Island

Cousins Runa (13) and Wilma (10) created a masterpiece surrounded by digital media and interactive art directors while providing me with feedback on my own laptop creations. 

M page


I found this sketch among a clutter of notes from one of the Hyper lectures. Through the wonders of photoshop, I isolated the image, duplicated it and played around a bit.

My cousins, ages 10 and 13, say that it looks like fairies and wings and faces and insects. The initial pen drawing reminded me of the movie La Cite des Enfants Perdus (The City of Lost Children). Beautiful movie.


View from 5th floor

Unusually warm weather for Sweden in February, the feeling of Spring is in the air. At least for me, it feels like March. Aware of the fact that a blizzard could hit at any moment, sinking the temperature to -30, I enjoy strolling tuqueless while it lasts.

I experienced the calm and silence that is so seldom experienced at Hyper Island in the morning, mainly due to the fact that I can never get up early enough but also because, if I were awake, it would still be too dark to be able to work with all the lights off. It was an analogue day. Cloudy but warm I drew the view from the 5th floor, sitting on the blue couch, cross-legged, where I sometimes eat my lunch. Coffee in the morning makes a convenient wash.